Heritage Walk

The Jaipur Heritage Walk Project has been initiated by Rajasthan Tourism Department under the Swadesh

Darshan Scheme launched by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) in supervision of Government of India aiming towards an integrated development of theme-based tourist circuits in the country.


Heritage walk has been designed through a selected segment of the city with total area of 0.14 sq. km within the Chowkri Modi khana, starting from the Rajasthan School of Arts, Kishan pole Bazaar and ending at film colony, Chaura Rasta. Today the area has approximately 19 Havelis, 680 Households, 25 Sanatan temples, 20 Jain

Temples, 4 Mosques and 17 schools.


It passes through the following Streets:

  1. Starting Point Museum of Legacies (Rajasthan School of Arts)
  2. Enter through- Sangakon Ka Rasta
  3. Pandit Shivdeen Ka Rasta
  4. Digambar Jain Mandir
  5. Community Chowk
  6. Maniyaron Ka Rasta
  7. Sakri gali (Heritage Gali)
  8. Swarjanik Kua.
  9. Nataniyon Ka Rasta
  10. Anant Bhagwan Ka Mandir
  11. Thatheron Ka Rasta
  12. Out on Chaura Rasta
  13. End Point: Tourist Facility Centre, Chaura Rasta.