Nallah Redevelopment (Shops Construction)

From World Trade Park in JLN Marg along Park Avenue Road

The vicinity of this location is already a heavy footfall area with place like World Trade Park, Gaurav Tower, and all other malls. This is the reason that the development of shops and interesting sit-out spaces have been proposed for the area. 73 shops has been constructed to be used for commercial purposes.

The project is aimed to focus on the re-development of the area in a way that it becomes a new recreational activity hub besides a hub for small and medium level trading activities in the city. As the location is in the vicinity of other heavy footfall areas like WTP and Gaurav Tower, etc., and located on the side of important road like JLN Marg, the place would be beneficial for all, especially the local residents of the area. These works shall promote clean environment around and would also initiate a new recreational activity area. The architectural, civil, water supply, sewerage, drainage, electrical works have been done.

  • This project will strengthen and improve the natural drainage system, ecological and environmental conditions within and around.
  • It will also curb deterioration of the underground water quality due to percolation of untreated sewage. Therefore, this project would positively impact the lives of nearby residents of Jaipur city.